Online Course Bookings

New online courses will be listed soon. All online courses are posted on here, my Instagram page, @judithhopepuppetmaker, and Facebook page, Judith Hope - Puppet Maker.

I also have a Facebook group for participants of my workshops, both online and face to face, as well as for anyone interested in joining a workshop. It is Judith Hope - puppetry Workshop Community. Please feel free to join if you are interested.

Testimonials from previous online courses

J.Q. - "Thank you for an excellent course and for being so generous with your tips and techniques. The course structure, shape and delivery was superb. Your delivery is informative, clear and precise! It was lush to immerse myself in it and get the ideas bubbling away."

C.E. - "You gave a very full and informative coverage of the subject. The courses are so well prepared and generous in their imparting of knowledge and experience that they are a joy.

I would really recommend any of your courses."

R.P. - "The course was fabulous as always, I love the way you teach".

S.P. - "Just had an amazing 3 sessions on Worbla - thanks so much Judith, I feel more confident now!"

C.C. - "I learned so much! You are not just incredibly talented but also a great teacher! I've taken quite a few online workshops but not all can explain things so well, especially on zoom!"

L.A. - "I REALLY loved our sessions this week. Thank you so much, it was so informative and inviting - amazing advice for a non maker like me. The sessions have really brought me a little window of joy very day."

G.Z. - Excellent course! Very useful information, very well delivered. Thank you so much.

S.H. - "That was awesome. You are a lovely tutor. Thank you so much for your time and generous knowledge."

C.H. - The course was so cool, you explain very clearly and simply, thank you.

C.L. - "An amazing course indeed, loved it.....full of ideas now."

R.H. - "Your suitcase workshop this week was a ray of sunshine peeking into my shelter-in-place studio! I thank you for offering the inspiration.

A.R. - "I can highly recommend Judith Hope's classes. She's not only a great teacher but freely shares SO much information and experience.

P.E. - "Excellent course, so well delivered, thank you Judith.



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